The Lola Quartet – Emily St. John Mandel

the-lola-quartet-emily-st-john-mandelThe steamy heat of Florida is the setting in which people make bad decisions and lives spiral downwards: the consequences of lies and deception produce weariness and desperation. This is very good story telling by the author of Station Eleven.


Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Station Eleven - Emily St. John MandelA brilliant telling of a post-apocalyptic future after a virus rapidly kills >99% of the world’s population. The story alternates between the present which is 20 years after the plague, and the back-story of the key characters. There are some very satisfying inter-relationships between characters that are revealed slowly, including the importance of an unpublished graphic novel. This is an excellent entertaining book.


Amy notes: Later on the CBC Canada Reads long list 2016